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How did we get started doing this?

My son was not recruited during his junior year, and I am a web designer.

Most college football coaches start looking at prospective players during their junior year (some earlier). My son Kevin was a quarterback at Mira Mesa high school when Michael Coughlin was the starter on the varsity. Michael was the San Diego All-CIF Offensive Player of the Year, and a 3 year starter at quarterback.

Rather than only play back-up to Michael during Kevin's junior year, Kevin played Tight End. Consequently, no recruiters saw him play QB that year.

Kevin started at QB his senior year and had a very good year. But by then, most schools had already planned on who they would offer scholarships to at each position. We knew we needed to get the word out on Kevin, but how? We had a video made by, and sent DVDs out to the 35 schools Kevin was interested in. I also produced a web site for him (the 8 page sample site).

We began a campaign of e-mailing and calling recruiting and QB coaches, knowing that we were facing very long odds. But persistence pays off, and Kevin received an offer for a paid visit to the University of New Mexico campus and a possible scholarship offer. They had a QB leave the school, and another suffer an injury - so they were looking for a talented leader, and through the web site and DVD they were aware of Kevin. I'm convinced he never would have had such an opportunity had we not acted and created a site to showcase his ability.

Kevin did not go to Albuquerque and the Lobos, but instead decided to walk on at BYU. He had a wonderful and exciting Freshman year there, playing Tight End (and earned a Western Athletic Conference Championship Ring!). Kevin returns to BYU this next year, and we will see what the future holds.

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