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Take the Bull by the Horns!


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Take the Bull by the Horns! [Paperback]

The book that explains what Grandpa's old sayings mean… and the lessons they teach!

Dr. Clayton O'Mary (Author)

Thomas W. O'Mary (Illustrator)

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Book Description

Release Date: March 28, 2013

"Take the Bull by the Horns" is a colorfully illustrated guide to many of the old sayings and expressions that Grandpa and others use. Almost all the sayings relate to animals in one way or another, and the whimsical illustrations make it fun for children to explore the often humorous explanations. The 92 years young author, Dr. Clayton O'Mary, is a retired professor of Animal Science who has written books, research papers, and published many articles in his career. He grew up in the South and fondly remembers many of these old sayings from his childhood - which prompted him to record the stories and lessons in this wonderful new book.

The book contains blank "Memory" pages at the end of each chapter, where children can draw or write their own family sayings! "Take the Bull by the Horns!" makes a great gift and a remarkable keepsake!

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